Article: Why Cloud Storage Doesn’t Eliminate the Need for Backups

Cloud Storage

An increasing number of our organizations are moving to cloud solutions (including internet-based software programs and applications) and are relying on the software provider to guarantee their data access and data security. This is a significant vulnerability.

If you look at the agreement terms, you will discover that the providers of cloud software solutions do NOT take responsibility for your data on their cloud. The only thing they take responsibility for is the availability of their program.

What this means for you: You MUST make sure to back up your data to an independent cloud backup service that covers data saved on SaaS software providers.

The ideal Backup Strategy consists of the following:

  1. Maintain TWO Backups: Either two independent cloud providers OR one cloud provider and a physical onsite backup.
  2. Make sure both backups are IMMUTABLE (i.e., cannot be changed once saved).
    1. This will also speed up recovery from data loss due to malware or ransomware.
  3. Many cloud service providers rent storage space from the big cloud services (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud). If any of these major cloud providers interrupt service for whatever reason, your data may be unavailable or in peril. Good practice demands that multiple backup copies be independent of each other.
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