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Case Study: Community Security Initiative of New York

The Community Security Initiative of New York is a non-profit organization charged with improving the physical security of 2,600 Jewish organizations in the tri-state NY area…

Article: Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance was first offered in 1997 as Internet Security Liability by the American International Group (AIG). Even then there was a recognition that risk was difficult to estimate due to the rapidly evolving internet environment…

Article: Why Cloud Storage Doesn’t Eliminate the Need for Backups

An increasing number of our organizations are moving to cloud solutions and are relying on the software provider to guarantee their data access and data security. This is a significant vulnerability…

Article: The Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigation Report Key Takeaways

Every year, Verizon releases its Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), which tracks data breaches and the methods that hackers use to enter networks. What follows are the key takeaways relevant to our community.