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Our mission is to be trusted cyber security advisors by looking at our clients’ organizations strategically and holistically, and recommending carefully considered solutions in easy-to-understand language.

Data and operations are under increasing threat from bad actors, private and state supported, their aim ranges from purely monetary to furthering the goals of their state sponsors. To defend organizations an industry has sprung up selling a myriad of products where it is often hard to separate the marketing from what the products does. Along with this industry there has arisen a great deal of jargon that confuses the consumers of these products.

Our purpose is to cut through the jargon, to educate our clients to make prudent decision for their cybersecurity budget. We enable organizations to construct viable cybersecurity programs including hardware, software, and staff education.


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Jeremy Paulson, CISSP, CSM, principal of Paulson Consultants is a Cybersecurity Strategist who has created and operates the cybersecurity program for 2,600 non-profit organizations. He has worked as a consultant to government focusing on data analysis, risk assessments, and software development for the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and Congress. He has also written two papers presented to Congress on software development.


Cybersecurity Program Development

A cybersecurity program is an interlocking of solutions: hardware, software, policy, and education. Our program development process adapts to the nature and operations of any organization.


Cybersecurity Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis

The first building block in any program is the assessment. This lays out the nature of the organization, its size, and operations that will affect the final recommendations.


Crisis Management and Recovery

Once your network has been infected with malware, we can help you recover and direct your efforts in increasing your security posture.



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''Jeremy created our cybersecurity program from scratch. He created cyber security specific security assessments which in 2023 enabled CSI institutions to win grants totaling more than $1.8 million. He has produced monthly newsletters and educational programs for our 2,600 member organizations. All this and communicating complex concepts and technical issues in non-technical ways.''

Mitchel D. Silber, Executive Director, The Community Security Initiative